Balklim – Don’t balk, be Balklim
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MiningPool by Fabio Colombo

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CryptoTidyMess by Massimo Zanini

our manifesto

We are the alter ego of a Communication Agency. Are you wondering why an agency would need an alias?

No, we aren’t criminals. And no, we aren’t Batman either. We simply love to give ourselves a little freedom.

You’ll find plenty of it here and it is constantly evolving. If you really need to label us, you can think of Balklim as a group of artists that collaborate with us every day, and who have now found their personal key to explore the world of the web.

On the other hand, you can define this space as a digital exhibition designed to explore the universe of cryptoart, according to the artists’ individual sensibilities and ever-changing styles.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that everyone here can be whoever they want. Because after all we don’t like labels very much.

By the way, this is an open channel, so feel free to visit or contact us whenever you wish to. If you need a break from your daily routine, you work or even your cat that has just sliced up your couch, you’ll always be welcome.

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